James MacDonald Wins Bouncy Pony, Has Colours Presented
Aug 7

James MacDonald, who will represent Canada in the upcoming World Driving Championship, notched another prize under his colours today, winning his sixth Bouncy Pony title during Grand River Raceway’s Industry Day in the 13th annual Bouncy Pony Stakes, Drivers’ edition.

After winning five in a row, last year James agreed to take a handicap by racing blindfolded which allowed Tyler Jones to win. James was not handicapped today and although Jones got off to an early lead James managed to overtake him with a few unsportsmanlike moves to seal the victory.

“It doesn’t get any better than this, Kelly,” he told Grand River’s Kelly Spencer. “I had a whole year to stew about this. I’m probably the greatest bouncy ponier of all time,” he noted his tongue firmly in cheek.

James MacDonald holds the trophy aloft. (Grand River Raceway photo)

James replaced Brandon Campbell as Canada’s rep to the drivers championship last week after the latter incurred a second positive test this year. The WDC, hosted by Canada, kicks off next Saturday at Century Downs.

Joanne Colville, chair of Standardbred Canada, along with Dan Gall, Kathy Wade and Hailey Saunders of SC, present James MacDonald with the good luck banner that’s been signed by folks at several different tracks the past few days. (Mark McKelvie photo)

James was presented with the colours he will be wearing in the competition and spoke to fellow PEI native Greg Blanchard about the unexpected honour.

“I know the tracks, I know the dos and don’ts at the tracks, but I’m sure it’s going to be a different racing style than I’m used to and hopefully I can adapt quickly and have some luck,” MacDonald said moments after the colour presentation ceremony.

Greg Blanchard congratulates James MacDonald. (Grand River photo)

The final leg of the WDC is in MacDonald’s home province of PEI and he was asked if he’ll be able to take the competition one leg at a time instead of looking down the road to the final leg.

“I’d love to say I’m taking it one leg at a time but I’ve already said to a few people if I could be in the hunt going to PEI that would be pretty special. Growing up there, I grew up at the racetrack, I know everyone there and it would be a real honour to hear everyone rooting me on. Hopefully we can bring it home.”


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